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Lions Group NYC

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Since 1984, Lions Group has excelled in driving quality projects within the famously aggressive New York real estate market. Extensive experience in ground up residential and commercial real estate has yielded a position as one of New York’s premier real estate teams, with a portfolio consisting of over $500 Million worth of developments.


Family-owned and managed, the Lions Group focuses on acquisition, development, construction and management of residential, commercial and retail properties; currently holding and operating over 1,500,000 square feet of luxury condominiums, quality rental buildings and commercial spaces throughout the Metropolitan area as well as custom luxury residences in the north shore of Long Island also known as the Gold Coast.


The firm is committed to every project, big or small, insuring results in design, construction, and maximum profitability. The consistence and careful planning of a team of dedicated professionals has transformed Lions Group into the rapidly growing company it is today.

Our History

Albert Shirian has been in real estate development for 30 years. His career began in 1984, two years after he graduated college. His first project was a ground-up two family home in Glen Cove, NY. He did that venture alone, along with another six single and two family home projects on the North Shore of Long Island. In 1986 his brother, Ramin joined him and Lions Group was born.

For the following decade Lions Group filled the niche of ground up developers of single-family homes on Long Island, gradually increasing the size and scope of projects and eventually developing prime real estate on the gold coast of Long Island and the South Shore, primarily Long Beach. In the early 90’s, Lions Group began building two and three family homes in areas of Queens such as Woodside, Bayside and Flushing.


The size of their developments continued to grow until they were building housing structures for up to eight families. In the late 90’s, Lions Group ventured to develop what, at the time, seemed like a large project: a 30-unit, 6-story residential building in Kew Gardens. After having success in Kew Gardens, Lions Group was eager to expand further. They next built a 7-story building on Mulberry Street in Lower Manhattan, which was completed in 2004. After this tipping point, the following four years included the developments of 44-27 Purves St. (15 stories, 65 units), 10-50 Jackson Ave. (12 stories, 49 units), and Briar Manor (6 stories, 41 units).

Today, Lions Group continues to grow their company. Currently developing projects that contain over 100 units, and expand across the five boroughs of New York. 

Executive Team

Albert Shirian

President and Co-founder of Lions Group NYC

Albert Shirian is the President and co-founder of Lions Group NYC. He began his real estate journey in 1984 renovating and flipping houses on Long Island. Today, Albert supervises acquisition, financing, and development for the firm. After more than 30 years in the business, Albert is a veteran in his field. He is also an active member of the Long Island City Partnership.

Ramin Shirian

Vice President and Co-founder of Lions Group NYC

Ramin Shirian is the Vice President and co-founder of Lions Group NYC. He joined his brother Albert in 1987. After years of developing single family houses on Long Island, they ventured out to Queens to create their first six family home. Today, Ramin is in charge of construction and management of their projects, helping to develop over 1.5 million square feet of residential space.

Aaron Shirian

Managing Director

Aaron Shirian represents the arrival of the second generation of Lions Group NYC. He is a graduate of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. With the focus and drive of a young mind to complement the knowledge and wisdom of the experienced real estate developers who raised him, Aaron is one of many reasons for the bright future of Lions Group NYC.

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